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Why YAP- Our capabilities

Anyone can claim they're the best - but we are happy to prove it to you FOR FREE.

At Yap we don’t just give blank ideas but move your business forward by delivering stunning visual media and strong support in software development. This is where our strength lies as we attract your clients with effective visualizations as well as media graphic design.

We believe in developing visual media and technology that will transform your business image. We offer our products and services to a focused set of industries where we have developed deep experience and expertise. We understand your business realities and develop solutions needed to achieve your business goals.

We are a team of innovative and professional designers, illustrators and technicians with a proven track record who help communicate the new sciences of creativity, engineering, and education. Our state-of-the-art Graphics department is staffed by highly-trained personnel well versed in all the latest technologies.

We're here to empower your communications and engage your stakeholders in fresh ways that ensure you receive the best possible return for your investment.

Our services include visualizations, animations, interactive presentations, multimedia presentations, custom software solutions, graphic design and illustration, web design and development and lot more than you can expect.

We provide professional

Graphic and Web Design

Some concepts just can't be explained verbally. Many project managers or colleagues may not understand what you are doing—or would like to do—without a visual representation. Our designers and illustrators understand the complexities of today’s communication demands, and can develop graphics that help explain your science or concept in a visual format.

Audio Video Support

YAP studio offers cutting-edge digital graphics to meet any criteria from our Clients. We always raise the bar of expectation.  While we present any and every presentation with the audio video support, it gives the client the real look and feel to understand things better.


Our illustrators can create an original conceptual drawing from a discussion or sketch and prepare it for publication, PowerPoint, or the web, they also work in two dimensions or three on the computer or the walls.


YAP advertising has worked with companies large and small to examine their business and provide solutions that create extraordinary results. Some of the work that has helped YAP mark its presence in the industry are…

Visuals of any collaterals and other work

Corporate Social Responsibility

Going Green

A growing trend in organizations around the world is the incorporation of environmental considerations into practice. Today, organizations are continually looking for ways to implement green initiatives into their management programs.

YAP has made a considerable effort to help improve the environment in which we all live, work and travel. In addition to our own initiatives of recycling, minimizing paper use and conserving energy whenever possible, we have taken a leadership role in helping our customers to track their environmental issues.