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Marketing Collaterals

We offer you the best of Marketing Collaterals in various creative designs & in an attractive manner, so that it leaves the mark on the mind of your target customers.

Sales Brochures and other printed product information

A brochure equipped with a clear message to the target audience is a great tool in the hands of a person who wants others to notice him.

At Yap we design brochures with direct, hard hitting message taking into account the shape of the brochure, colors and pictures used to make it noticeable and catchy. Our Brochure design ideas consider every aspect of your business, purpose of the brochure and the target audience of your business. However, while translating these ideas into a brochure, idea or ideas that a customer can relate to, is our first priority. Our brochure serves as the face of your organization. The more elegant, clear and open it is, the more successful it is in building your sales and reputation.

Posters and Signs

We offer effective posters and sign displays and high impact digital graphics that provide maximum results for any budget. Our exceptional creative teamcreates eye catching designs with appealing copy to give your product a personality that probes deep into the minds of your TG. Moreover, we place the posters and signs in areas with high visibility to create the recall value too.

Outdoor Sidewalk Signs, Portable Signs, Real Estate Signs, Wet Marker board Signs, Steel Signs, Aluminum Signs, Sandwich Boards, Portable Outdoor Signs, and Outdoor Banners you get all that your product needs to flaunt its presence.

Visual aids used in sales presentations

During a sales presentation, the company representative provides information about what the company is selling. But plain words and words make the presentation tiring. This is where we stretch out our helping hands. We enliven your presentations with powerfulVisual aids. Visual aids are the icing on your cake or the rain on your parade. To ensure visual aids are not undermining your presentation, we also use words sparingly and find fresh graphics. We create a presentation that provides your client with information, stories, statistics, quotes, and your opinions with meaningful visuals, broadening your marketing opportunities.

Web Content

Content is the backbone of your site...why people visit... why they come back. We help your business meet its strategic goals by offering Web content that is relevant to your visitors, fresh, correct, on-brand, and easy to find. This takes a process, it takes commitment, and it often takes content management technology and YAP is the place where you find it all.

Sales Scripts

“Sales Script” has many benefits, it gives people a formula to follow, where they can check in and see what actually stopped them from making a sale and points that they could do in the future by following the script to give them the formula to be able to close the deal.

At YAP we put together a sales script both in depth and very detailed that consists of five steps- Market Analysis, Identifying the Buying Factors, Designing the Script, Testing and Revising, Script Implementation. Our Sales Script turns average sales people into good sales people, by simply giving them a script to follow without completely depending on their pure talent to close every deal.

Demonstration Scripts

Product demonstrations are a critical step for selection teams to compare and evaluate solutions. RFP responses alone will not give you a sense of the look and feel of a product (i.e. ease of use). Here is where a demonstration script is required.

YAP provides you with well-designed Demonstration Scripts that contain suggested demonstrations in the following categories for a Lead Management Automation solution:

Thus the demonstration scripts YAP offers you, enables your selection teams to think of your product features and functionality within the context of your organization and to get a feel for your products, ensuring a more educated evaluation.

Product Data Sheets

A Product datasheet is a document summarizing the performance and other technical characteristics of a product, machine, component, material, a subsystem or software in sufficient detail to be used by a design engineer to integrate the component into a system. At YAP we help you out by providing such datasheets that are one interactive, enhanced file, ready to read anytime.

Product White Papers

The biggest waste of resources, time and money in an organization is implementing key processes informally. That is, relying on employees to make sure things run smoothly which always has its shortfalls. Transform a unified communication system into a process automation platform, and witness a result that is a greater organizational efficiency plus quantifiable ROI.

YAP provides you with Product White Papers that provides an overview of your product and its competitive situation. We help you creating a well-crafted white paper and utilizing it as a popular tool for promoting your product or service and illustrate the returns you can generate from it. Our white papers are so effective that gets your company noticed - and the pitfalls to avoid if you're new to this area.Effective business processes help create a positive customer experience and using White Papers for strategic advantages grow your business.