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Promotions Services

Promotion is one of the four elements of marketing mix (product, price, promotion, distribution). It is the communication link between sellers and buyers for the purpose of influencing, informing, or persuading a potential buyer's purchasing decision.

Retail visibility

To stimulate sales, you need to distinguish your products in the retail showrooms.Innovative retail visibility concepts are based on intelligent, concept-based search technologies powered by real-time analytics data and natural language processing.

YAP creates every possibility to increase your brand visibility. Highlighting the Point-of-Difference of your product along with Quality & Ingenuity undoubtedly creates an out of the ordinary Retail visibility.YAP shows the customers the versatility of your product and highlights its unique selling proposition. A proper Retail visibility improves consumer understanding of quality, and increases sales.

Product awareness

The way the world looks at products and services has changed a lot, at such highly competitive situations you need a creative hand to uproot the competition.

We at YAP boost the business reactions of consumers with the right strategy like out-of-the-box campaigns to enhance your product awareness and present it alluringly. We leave no stone unturned to enhance your products market presence- Banner ads, interactive marketing campaigns, electronic ads, prints ads and digital ads like online video advertising, all working in tandem to enhance your product awareness and build up a larger clientele than ever before.

Product sampling

‘Product sampling reaches 70 million consumers every quarter, and one-third of customers who try a sample will buy the sampled product in the same shopping trip’ this is what our research states.

Therefore, at YAP we come up with innovative ideas differentiating your product from the league and placing the trial-size samples and marketing materials in the hands of consumers via various sampling strategies, venues, and channels to generate desired sale.

Consumer insights

Consumer Insights help clients use experimental design, statistical sampling and analysis, both simple and sophisticated, to yield actionable results.

Our clients know that we have experience and longevity in the Advertising business, and that we provide an array of options to help meet the objectives of their particular needs. It depends most on your unique business objectives.Our breadth of experience in design and analysis extends beyond the fundamentals. Whether it’s straight ahead, by-the-book research or something much different, we do all that it takes to know the consumer insights and transform them to favorable conditions.

Lead generation

If your calendar is empty and you need business fast, lead generation is a way that you can grow your business rather quickly.

YAP provides you with end-to-end services in terms of innovative concepts based on database solutions, competition analysis, market insights and sales channel development for effective lead generation. We draw our experience from our team of industry experts who are committed to deliver quality in everything we do. We position your products by promoting it through promotional events, outdoor promotions and all other promotional activities relevant to your product.

Activation & Mall promotion

Imagine your brand being exposed to over 2 million consumers per month in an environment which encapsulates shopping, food and entertainment all in one space.

At YAP we specialize in proving integrated strategic campaigns and promotions within the shopping centres and event industries. We ‘bring to life’ new and existing brands through state-of-the-art direct consumer approaches and proven event-driven marketing techniques. Our specific ability lies in the shopping centre environment whereby we integrate visual, experiential, audio and retail stimuli into a seamless trail from the time the consumer enters to the time of leaving.


Let us blow your trumpet

When it comes to Out-Of-Home advertising, most media Professionals trust only YAP because, only YAP has the experience & reach to deliver the full impact of your advertising campaign all over the country. YAP has grown all these years with the philosophy of helping clients to build and grow businesses, creating a bond that is long lasting. For this, we delve deep for ideas and turn them into great pieces of communication that reap rich dividends for you.

Road shows

Road show allows you to go closer to your prospects. It is a kind of mobile unit – be it vehicle or team of promoters, it moves closer to places where your prospects are located. Once they reach the identified locations they do things that will spellbound your prospects through their demonstration / skit / audio-video displays etc. They facilitate prospects involvement in the brand, reach required awareness and touch & feel so as to compel them to reach the nearest distributor of your products.

Our road show promotions use multifaceted approaches to deliver your message. Street crews, mobile promotions and some really creative floats are all at hand to promote your brand.